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Today I am going to give you a gaming logo plp file which you can easily do. This is absolutely free, and you can easily download on your mobile and do it. I have not designed this plp file, I respect those who have developed it.

There are many YouTube channels from where you can learn logo making, which will teach you logo making for free or you will get the file provided. Similarly, we will provide you with some files with the help of which you can easily prepare your design.

What is Pixellab?

As you know Pixellab is a photo editing application that is based on Android. It works on Android phones. You can operate it easily. In this, you can share your design with someone else and whoever shared it can change himself.
As you must have heard about Photoshop, in the same way you can consider Photoshop for the same phone.

How To Install Pixellab?

Installing Pixelab is very easy. First of all,

  1. open your Google Play Store.
  2. Then Search in Search Bar Pixellab Get Directly
  3. Now Click On Install Button, Enjoy

Like there are ADS shows in this app. If you want to remove it, then you can subscribe to them. But there is a better way than that you can use MOD APK. I do not recommend it but you can take it in it, you will find its link below.

As we were talking about making the PUBG logo, then below you will get its files, you can download it from here. It will be in .plp format which you can easily import into Pixellab. and you can edit it

Gaming Logo plp File

To make a gaming logo easily, you have to download the following files. easily you can make gaming logos on mobile.

Supported AppPixellab
File NameRed Gaming Logo
File Size3.6MB
File Formatzip

Final Thought

This was the article about PLP File Download. Download and use the files. You can comment to let us know how the files are and if you need any other plp files for free. And if possible share the article with your friends so that they can also download the files.


I have taken these files from YouTube, if the owner has any problem then we will remove this file from here. Contact us

If Link Broken Please Comment below


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