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Propose Day Ai Photo Editing Prompt 2024 – Bing Image Creator

Propose Day Ai Photo Editing – Nowadays, this is the trend of photo editing and people are going crazy about eye editing. In AI editing, it has become such that you can create all the images as per your wish and this is what people are liking because see, if you go to create a normal image. For example, suppose I want to create a photo of myself with a bike. For that I will use a PNG of the bike, background and many other things. Then we will go and create a photo. But see, after creating the photo, it will take a lot of time for color grading etc.

We decided to save this time. We will teach you AI photo editing. In which you will not need to do anything else. You have to prepare your 3D model. You can generate the 3D model from here and you have to place your face in it.

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Prompt : A couple siting on the beautiful boat .boyfriend proposed her girlfriend with black rose. Boy wearing a t-shirt wirten his name RAJ and girl wearing a t-shirt writen her name RIA 3d cartoon

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Prompt: sneakers and sunglasses. the boy is proposing with a rose “Happy Propose Day” is written in yellow and red neon lights in the background the background is dark gray and is shaded in a the background. Raj is written on the boy’s hoodie and Riya is written on the girl’s hoodie.

How To Create Propose Day Ai Photo Editing

Now see if you want to create a photo then how can you create this photo. There is a simple option to create a photo. You are given a prompt below the image. With those prompts you can create this photo and it is a very easy process. As I have explained to you in all the articles. If you have read all then all your doubts would have been cleared by now. But still, if you are new then I want to explain to you the prompts given below the image. You have to copy that prompt. To copy, you simply select it by tapping on it and after that the form will be selected. Then copy. After that below you will get the option of Join and Create.

Propose Day Ai Photo Editing

To put a face in it, you can use any face website which you will find on Google. If you search for face swap, you will find many websites out there. You go to the free website and there first you have to select the A option. Within a second you have to select your face and then click on yourself. Your face is your AI model. It will appear in it and then you can download the image. Now look, your face will appear in your photo and it will look quite cool.



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